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Domain Name Registration

Domain Names are being snapped up at an alarming rate (over 13 million are already registered)- so it is imperative that you choose a name, or different combinations of that name, before it is registered by somebody else, even if you do not intend to use it for a while. Once your name is gone, it's gone! So let us secure it for you today.

Registering a Domain Name is a simple process. You can register your Domain Name for as less as £15 per year. Each Domain Name comes with a number of additional features.

» Domain Name Registration (Available TLDs)

Package: A .net/ .org/ .info/ .biz/ .eu .name ... etc


Package: B  ... etc



Note: All Top-Level Domains (TLDs) will be register for minimum of 12 months (in 'Package A') and 24 months (in 'Package B') contract basis.


When you sign up for the package, we will help you determine a suitable domain name. Domain name is subject to availability. The amount given for Domain Registration is non refundable after the domain has been registered.


A Domain Name is a universal identity for your Web Site. An appropriate Domain name is as important to your site as is Web Presence to your business. Thousands of Domains are registered each day. Even if you don't plan to establish a Web Presence for your business at this moment, registering a Domain Name ensures that you will have a Name for your Site when necessary, and nobody else would be able to use your Domain Name. So register your domain Name today. Don't wait for tomorrow. You can check the availability of the domain using the InterNIC Domain Search. If your domain name is available you could register it through us. We will provide our best cooperation.

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