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PC Maintenance Service

We provide a comprehensive computer maintenance service for our clients in Greater London. We can help remove much of your work and worry on keeping your IT in good shape.

Our computer maintenance engineers are highly trained and have seen most issues that can arise within a small business network. We ensure they constantly keep up with advances in new technologies, whether hardware of software. We can tailor a total computer maintenance package for your individual business. This can include anything you want it to: PC and Server maintenance, Network maintenance, e-mail maintenance & all IT infrastructure maintenance can all be covered.

Maintenance of your Individual Computer

A properly configured machine that is dedicated to the tasks you require will have far fewer problems than a machine that:
              - is used for many different purposes and
              - often downloads and installs programs from the Internet.

We suggest for each machine:

  • Decide exactly what you require from your PC and keep this as streamlined as possible

  • Ensure you have fully licensed copies of its operating system (usually MS Windows for a PC ) and any other software you need

  • Ensure correct installation procedures and good configuration to allow you to build a stable system

If access to the internet is required, your PC is vulnerable to attack in many different forms:

  • Malicious software and viruses.

  • From hackers who wish to access your PC directly.

Their main objective may be the data stored on it but usually it is to use your PC as a relay for numerous e-mail spam that if traced appears to come from your computer rather than the illegal originators.


  • Anti-Virus software is fitted to prevent malicious programs entering the PC (mainly via e-mails) and also to help scan the PC from time to time for viruses

  • Your Anti-Virus software is kept up to date - If not updated with the latest Virus information then your PC is increasingly vulnerable to attack

  • You fit a firewall against hackers - This can be a software version for a PC or a hardware version for a server that is a hub for a network.

Set up a routine for on-going maintenance of your computer:

  • Disk decrementing will help keep data together on your disk and so prevent unnecessary slower processing speed

  • Deleting files & emptying your recycle bin often will help keep your PC tidy

  • Regularly download updates from the internet to keep your Anti-Virus and operating system software up to date. (You can even set this up automatically in many cases)

  • Make sure you do not run out of space on your main C:/ drive as this will slow the system

We provide a comprehensive hardware maintenance support service, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With almost 5 years experience in the provision of hardware support we can provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement) to meet your exact requirements in terms of response, hours of cover and fix times.

We can quickly diagnose and repair software and hardware problems keeping your system operational. We can recover data from hard disks and other media with a very high success rate, and implement cost-effective back-up solutions. Server or workstation, we can remove viruses and deploy software to keep your system virus-free.

We can deal with all types of PC problems quickly and smoothly, with an average response time of 6 hours for our contract customers.


Monthly Maintenance Cover

Contact us for a quotation for monthly maintenance contracts. Cover for complete business solutions or for one PC. This may include:


Hard disk check Anti-virus check
Diagnose hardware/software issues Disk defragmentation
Firewall / security check Configuration check
Anti-virus check Data structure check
Data structure analysis Problem identification
Error log analysis User problem-solving
Back-up services and testing  


Please contact us or email us for further information.

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