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Network Maintenance Service

Local or wide area, your network is the key to the efficient and productive sharing of information within your organisation. Whether you need to link multiple sites or terminals at a single location.

The enterprise networking market is highly complex. Many standards have you to be widely ratified, making it difficult to decide the most appropriate strategy for your company. Our Network Infrastructure Team can help you determine which technology is flexible enough to allow your network to keep pace with you business requirements – whether this involves supporting, upgrading or re-engineering your current capabilities or the design and implementation of a customised solution.

Computer network support and maintenance is as vital as maintenance on your car - it should be treated as an ongoing exercise.

This will allow you trouble free computing and fast, efficient responses if you do have problems. A well maintained computer, laptop, network or server is easier to fix in the event of a problem if maintenance over its lifespan has been kept to a high level. Equipment lasts longer and does more for you if well maintained.

Configuration & Integration Services

As specialists in systems integration, our expert consultants ensure you enjoy reliable network solutions that are optimised to meet your requirements. To ensure minimal impact on end users, these can be seamlessly executed in adherence to your specific work schedules, allowing a smooth transition to new technology.


Before final hand-over, our consultants will ensure your staff have the necessary training documentation and support materials to utilise new infrastructure and facilities at performance levels that satisfy the operational needs of the business.

Flexible Support Services

We provide a complete range of maintenance and support services tailored to your precise requirements. With on and off-site support available covering every eventuality from routine maintenance, troubleshooting, hotline and help desk functions to post-sales support such as new software releases and the latest bug fixes, you are assured of prompt and professional service at all times, delivered by qualified and experienced personnel.

Network and Server Support and Maintenance

Whilst some of the issues with network and server support and maintenance are similar to PCs, a central problem can cripple your entire network. A more rigorous and proactive approach is advisable to prevent problems before they happen.

We recommend in particular:

  • Regular checks on disk space as these can fill up rapidly Checks on event logs to foresee problems Security checks to ensure ongoing protection of your system and data

  • Antivirus and software patch updates

  • Internet usage checks

  • Configuration of, particularly new, users to maximise efficiency and staff time

We offer a full support service. We provide a complete, ongoing support service including new software releases and the latest bug fixes. All our staff supporting Microsoft products have been trained to a minimum of Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) status.

Maintenance Service Agreements are fixed price contracts and include the following services:

  • Various Support Services available include

  • Hardware/Software Maintenance

  • Network / Internet / Intranet / Extranet / LAN / WAN Support

  • Guaranteed Response times

  • Restoration/reinstallation of network operating systems, major applications

  • Weekly maintenance tasks

  • Server file optimizations

  • Monthly maintenance tasks

Please contact us or email us for further information.

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