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Local Area Network Setup

We offer a variety of networking solutions to maximise your productivity as well as minimising the hassle of having multiple computers in your home or office. By utilising networks you can share internet connections, files and printers which reduces the cost of having to provide a printer and internet connection for each computer. You can also always access your files from any computer so no more having to transfer files onto floppy disks so you can use them on another computer.

Cabling & Wireless Networks: We can take control of you IT support at any stage in your business & as such know a lot about Networking.

Cabling your office has traditionally been the way to network all of your machines & as such we can provide any such cabling as is required.

However we have large amounts of experience in cabled networks as well as the emergent wireless networks. We can detail the benefits of both of these solutions & can specify, procure & install either systems.

Our IT Department can repair, install, patch & test traditional Cat6 cabled networks & has extensive knowledge of the installation & support of wireless networks.

We have experience in computer networking. Our prices are extremely competitive. The cost of implementing a network is dependant on the exact location but a simple two computer home or office wired network to allow file, printer and internet sharing would only cost about £160.

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