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Promotional CD Authoring

We are offering creative multimedia CD authoring & multimedia production. Our multimedia authoring services cover design and programming (at exceptional rates) as well as CD-Rom duplication.

CD-ROMs are an effective sales and marketing tool CD-ROM making full use of audio, video and animation to attract and impress customers. Our approach to multimedia authoring creates interactive CD-Rom products that encourage the viewer to discover a wealth of information about your company such as product and service range, track record, key contact details and even technical schematics. We can even links to your website to drive traffic and help you get more from your Internet presence.

CD-ROM is a perfect for:

  • Sales Presentations
    Interactive sales presentations enable you to give a 'perfect' sales presentation directly on the desktop of your target customer. They can be used as an enticing addition to a sales mailing, as a hand out at an exhibition or as speaker support in a sales meeting. Advanced sales presentations can even help analyse customer needs and even suggest appropriate solutions

  • Interactive Brochures
    Interactive CD-ROM versions of printed brochures encourage users to learn more about your company and its products.

  • Business Cards and Mini CD-ROM
    To prevent the need for carrying around large CD-ROMs, small business card-sized CD-ROMs (rectangular 84mm x 58mm) are eye-catching and a much more convenient way of handing out your interactive brochures or presentation. Also available as circular mini-CD-ROMs (circular with 80mm diameter).

Development Costs:

Budget for a CD ROM presentation is made up of two costs:

  • Multimedia authoring/ multimedia production

  • CD ROM duplication

Multimedia authoring cost is influenced by factors such as the complexity of the multimedia design, level of interactivity, number of pages, amount of information to be included and the use of audio, video and animation but a very simple presentation with between 3 and 5 interactive pages can cost as little as £1,500.

Standard CD ROM duplication costs including CD-ROM manufacturing and four colour surface printing:

500+: 36p per unit
1000+: 35p per unit
2000+: 34p per unit
3000+: 33p per unit
5000+: 32p per unit
10,000+: 31p per unit

Plastic Case: 11p per unit
Paper Envelope: 6p per unit
Polythene Wallet: 7p per unit
Printed Card Wallet: 49p per unit

CD-ROM business card replication & Mini CD-ROM replication CD-ROM
1000+: 49p per unit
2000+: 44p per unit
3000+: 38p per unit

PVC Wallets: 8p per unit

Manufacturing time for CD-ROMs is 15-20 days.

Software development time is influenced by how much development work is required. For the simple 3 - 5 page presentation, development time would be 3 - 4 days. A more complex presentation would take between 4 - 6 weeks of development.

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